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donderdag, 21 februari 2019

VAT Update for the Digital Economy

Johan Visser - Atlas Tax Lawyers 

Jurgen Scholz - WTS, Germany

Stijn Vastmans - Tiberghien Lawyers

Stein de Maeijer - Tiberghien Lawyers 

Gooike van Slooten - Atlas Tax Lawyers

Gerbrand Hidding - Atlas Tax Lawyers 

VAT Update for the Digital Economy

The final weeks of 2018 week proved to be important for online service providers, webshops and online marketplaces.

The VAT Committee published two so called working papers in which it shared their views on three highly important VAT issues that online service providers face, i.e. the “data as currency” discussion, the VAT treatment of online platforms, and the VAT status of customers that do not provide their VAT identification numbers (i.e. B2B or B2C).

From an indirect tax perspective, one could say that 2018 went out with a bang and 2019 is off for an interesting start. Perhaps even more because the new EU VAT rules on “vouchers” apply as of January 1st, 2019, as do the new VAT rules relating to “Small and Medium Sized Enterprises” (SME’s) rendering electronic services on a B2C basis.

In order to provide you with a full insight in all these different VAT developments, we have prepared a client alert of max. 2 pages per topic and bundled these alerts for your convenience in this easy-to-read binder. It allows you to select the topics that are of interest for you and ignore those which are not.

Click here for the full VAT Update. 



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