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Webinar: Pillar Two – Deep Dive OECD Safe Harbours

When: February 8, 2023

Time: 4 – 5 pm

On December 15, 2022, the EU directive on global minimum taxation (GloBE Rules or Pillar Two) was passed. The OECD subsequently published documents on simplification regulations (so-called “Safe Harbours”) on tax certainty with regards to the GloBE Rules as well as on the “GloBE Information Return” to be submitted.

Our webinar will be hosted by Roelof Gerritsen of Atlas Tax Lawyers, Lars Behrend and Gabriele Rautenstrauch of WTS Global and Andy Neuteleers of Tiberghien. The webinar focusses on the Safe Harbours published by the OECD (interim and permanent) and discusses how these OECD Safe Harbours will impact Pillar Two Compliance Readiness projects. Furthermore, we will highlight which factual simplifications multinational companies (MNCs) can actually expect for their ongoing Compliance.

Since the OECD Safe Harbours are partly based on the figures from the Country by Country Reports, the structure and content of the Country by Country Reports will also be adequately addressed. Last but not least our experts will point out how multinational companies can ensure that the Country by Country Reports maintain the quality required to apply the Safe Harbours.

The webinar has been designed for tax experts who are familiar with the Pillar Two topic as such.

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Roelof Gerritsen

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