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Tax Accounting

At Atlas we define the area of tax accounting as the area that specifically addresses tax related aspects in financial reporting. We think of tax accounting as an opportunity to be tax-compliant and to reflect that compliance in financial reporting. As global tax laws become increasingly complex and corporations face increased scrutiny of their tax positions, transparent reporting and disclosures are more important than ever. Companies face complex challenges when ensuring accurate and transparent income tax reporting and disclosures. Especially in busy season, coordinating and delivering the required extensive input under tight time constraints is challenging.

In this increasingly challenging and ever-changing climate, our specialists can provide valuable assistance by addressing technical issues that are tax related, such as reviewing transactions and tax related accounting entries, and assist you in preparing tax accounting calculations.

Some examples of services Atlas specialists are able to provide are:

  • Preparation or review of quarterly and/or annual tax calculations;
  • Preparation or review of tax notes/disclosures;
  • Providing advisory tax accounting services in relation to special projects such as acquisitions and carve-outs;
  • Handling documentation (position papers) for tax technical positions, rendering assistance in determining and documenting uncertain tax positions;
  • Providing tax technical assistance with regard to updating tax packs for changes in laws and regulations and implementation of tools for tax accounting;  and
  • Providing education/updates for staff on IAS 12 related issues.

Atlas offers a range of high-quality services to address the unique needs of a company throughout the entire cycle of planning, provisioning, compliance and working with tax authorities.

Simplify your tax accounting with our experts.


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