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Employment & Compensation Tax

Employers need to attract and retain talent by offering competitive employee benefits and rewards programmes. Atlas advises companies on implementing structures that accommodate operational, business change and administrative issues that arise in the workplace.

Whether operations are national or international, all employers encounter issues with wage tax and national insurance contributions. Atlas can help you minimise risks and maximise opportunities.

We specialise in:

Wage tax

Atlas can assist you in complying with the Dutch rules surrounding income tax, social security, sector classification and liability claims and more.

Flex workers/freelancers

Hiring flexible workers or outsourcing work to self-employed contractors may involve risks. Atlas can advise on your flexible workforce and how to deal with the current status of the Deregulation Labour Relations Assessment Act (Wet DBA). 

Global mobility

Work does not stop at the border. The employment market is getting more international every day. This means that Dutch legislation as well as international treaties and EU regulations may apply. Salary splits, expat rulings and other considerations may become relevant when employees engage in cross-border work. Atlas can guide you through the possibilities and assist with your compliance. Being a member of WTS Global, Atlas can advise on Dutch and cross-border laws while also serving as your worldwide point of contact.

Management incentive plans

In a competitive market for hiring talent, top managers often ask for a share in the equity of a company. Many companies also require equity commitments from their managers (sometimes known as ‘skin in the game’) and search for possibilities to incentivise their employees by way of bonuses, options or equity plans and to align the interest of all parties involved.

In most cases, a tax-efficient structure (usually involving advance clearance) is one of the main requirements for the participants in management incentive plans.

We have extensive experience with all types of incentive plans. We are ready to act as a sparring partner and help you design and implement a flexible plan tailored to match your goals. We regularly discuss all kinds of incentive structures with the tax authorities and therefore have a very clear vision of the possibilities at hand.

Complementary to designing the management incentive plans, we advise on the tax and social security consequences of management agreements, managers on the payroll and other employee benefits. Our wide network of WTS tax advisory firms also enables us to design cross-border incentive plans.

Rely on us for all your employment tax matters. 


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