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Private Clients

Discover tailor-made solutions for optimising your Dutch tax position. Our private clients’ practice serves as a financial sparring partner with Dutch and non-Dutch residents. As your trusted advisor, we talk you through every decision. Clients include substantial interest shareholders, family businesses, high net-worth individuals and their companies and investments. Our wealth of experience with civil law implementation, and continual maintenance for the solutions we offer, affords peace of mind.

We specialise in:

  • Tax compliance for high net-worth individuals;
  • Concluding tax rulings on the repatriation of retained earnings from a Dutch BV to its non-Dutch resident shareholder with no Dutch dividend withholding tax and no Dutch personal income tax;
  • Structures that provide high net-worth individuals and family businesses with privacy (in combination with tax optimisation of their portfolio investments);
  • Business succession and tax-efficient succession of wealth to next generations;
  • Asset protection structures;
  • Tax planning in the context of migration and remigration;
  • Tax optimisation when balancing privately held assets and assets held in corporate bodies.

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