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Xavier Auerbach


Xavier Auerbach studied Tax Law at Tilburg University (1990, with honors).

Xavier’s previous career spans 26 years working at a Big Four firm of which 16 years as a partner. During his career as a tax advisor he has gained a wealth of experience and now specialises in providing tax advice to wealthy families and their businesses. Xavier helps his clients to find bespoke tax solutions for issues such as (international) wealth structuring, business succession, estate planning and cross-border business.

His own area of expertise is personal and corporate income tax, and inheritance and gift tax. Xavier has worked with numerous clients who emigrated to countries such as Belgium, France, Monaco, Spain, the UK, the US and Switzerland.

In recent years, Xavier has also focused on the tax efficient implementation of structures aimed at safeguarding the privacy of his clients, to the extent permitted by the law.

Joined Atlas in 2017


Tax Law, Tilburg University


Dutch, English, French, German


Fellow of the Center for Wealth Management of Nyenrode Business University since 2008

Member of the Dutch Association of Real Estate Tax Lawyers

Member of the Dutch Association for Tax Studies

Member of the International Fiscal Association

Recognised leading individual in Chambers’ HNW Guide 2016 (The world’s leading high net worth advisers)

Regular speaker at seminars and conferences for Nyenrode Business University, Wolters Kluwer, Licent Academy and the Dutch Association of Tax Advisors


Publications in English: 

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Publications in Dutch: 

  • Auerbach, X.G.R. (2014). De wetgever en het APV-regime: ‘kurieren am Symptom’. Weekblad voor Fiscaal Recht 2014/757.
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